Self Service Terminals for every branch and every application

Self Service Terminals System is a universal payment gateway that allows clients to perform payments for various services in interactive mode.

Typical applications are, for example,way-finding, digital room signage, employee information, call-in systems, electronic notice boards,self- check in, access control and many more.

Self Service Terminals System software is designed to be flexible and extensible, is potentially capable of integrating any kinds of services, such as utility or banking services, as well as specialized government services with minimal effort.


  • Development and manufacturing in China
  • Display with or without touch screen
  • Long-lasting electronic components
  • Suitable for permanent operation (24/7)
  • Low maintenance or maintenance-free
  • Vandalism-proof
  • Flexible and entirely customizable user interface application capable of reflecting any customer and market needs.
  • Specialized integration layer for various hardware component support such as touch screen, coin and bill acceptor, smart and contact less card readers, printing devices, pin pads etc.


  • Support for new services configuration and deployment through sophisticated management tools employed in administration control panel.
  • Specially designed and integrated flexible declarative programming language for easily building and deploying any kinds of business scenarios right into the client user interface without additional programming and software modification efforts.
  • Ability to automatically update software on any number of deployed terminal nodes without human involvement.
  • Ability to selectively enable/disable deployed services for individual or groups of terminal nodes.

Optional Accessories