In the most control room environments, the success of operations depends upon full situational awareness and the rapid conversion of information into action. Visualization systems in such critical environments must meet rigorous standards of performance.

These systems must empower decision makers with visual access to dynamic information and enable swift response. They must enhance collaboration and knowledge-sharing while abiding by stringent security protocols. As well, it must be easy to learn and operate in high-stress conditions. Most critically, they must be reliable and resilient, enduring a constant flow of extreme demands in 24/7 environments.

Our customizable solutions offer a range of user-friendly features that streamline operation and enable the interconnectivity of your corporate control room, meeting rooms, traffic control center,security surveillance center and other applications.

Integrating a range of content types and signal formats, Chestnuter’s multi screen video wall, control room display and digital signage systems can help you get your message across to customers more effectively.