Museums are often looking for new ways to enthral and immerse visitors while digital signage appears to be a perfect fit for museums and, so it may seem puzzling that signage has not traditionally featured heavily in this domain.But old signage systems were complicated to install and operate, and were expensive to run. The newest software, however, is highly flexible and dynamic, enabling managers of conference centers to easily present relevant real time content and social media updates.

Chestnuter products are often the choice in hundreds of museums around the world. Holographic projection, interactive glass and Switchable display cases are popular choices.

Benefits and opportunities:

   Fast informing of the guests about special information
   Possibility to send individual messages to each guest through a network of screens, located directly in the rooms
   Possibility of interactive communication with guests through the use of touch screens and HTML5 content ( booking service, additional service requests, feedback)
   Generating additional revenue through the sale of time and points for advertising content.


We are seeing a massive increase in the use of digital signage software in schools, colleges and universities. Digital signage software is a great way for management to easily share information, make public announcements and promote planned activities. Additionally, the highly dynamic nature of the latest software enables schools to spread key values while connecting to relevant news stories, and to share social network events including sports days, parties and special activities.

Benefits and opportunities:

   Generate extra revenue. Use your digital signage as a fund-raising opportunity to sell naming rights.
   Help with wayfinding. Via touchsceen kiosks, visitors will no longer feel lost with strategically placed interactive maps.
   Show off your school pride. With Chestnuter's high-contrast, professional-grade screens, your team colors will look brighter and sharper than ever.


Millions of people around the world areusing public transportation, spending there from a few minutes to several hours. What does an average person do during a trip? Chestnuter can provide passengers with new experience. News, advertising, entertainment content will be, certainly, useful for people who are waiting to get to their destination. At the same time, remote and easy management of this information flow offer a wide range of business and reputational opportunities.

Benefits and opportunities:

   Increased customers’ loyalty due to broadcasting news and entertainment content
   Possibility to broadcast advertising messages, which will undoubtedly support the budget of the transportation company
   Possibility to bind the broadcasting time of a message to the location of the vehicle.


Professionals and managers in the healthcare industry have traditionally been early adopters of digital signage. These platforms clearly provide value for clinics, waiting rooms and doctors’ offices of all sizes. People waiting and sitting around in healthcare facilities are a captive audience, and this is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with them. People may be distracted by their smartphones but if you provide relevant and interesting content, signage can help you to engage an easily available audience.Chestnuter digital signage solutions will help to create interactive information eco-system in which the schedule of patients’ reception changes to a video about need of seasonal vaccination, and it, in turn, gives way to an advertising of a new drug.

Benefits and opportunities:

   Creation of digital media and entertainment area for patients and employees (navigation, schedule of doctors, games, corporate and information notifications)
   Generating additional revenue through the sale of advertising time to manufacturers of medicines
   Forming a positive image of the clinic and improving patients’ loyalty.


Religious places of worship are much more than simply places of prayer. Synagogues, churches and mosques are where people socialize, share ideas, network and build a sense of community. As such, religious places increasingly need a way of communicating and connecting with visitors. The dynamic and interactive nature of modern digital signage software has led it to rise in popularity in places of worship.

Benefits and opportunities:

   These protective mechanisms ensure that the sacred nature of churches, synagogues and mosques is not compromised by material some could find offensive.
   Can effortlessly get to grips with the latest digital signage software.
   Digital signage enables the holiness of places of worship to be maintained.
   Dynamically share social network content and update this in real time. Digital signage is more than just a facility for prayers, as a church is more than simply a place of worship.


Government service areas typically need large format display and flexible content publish and management system to improve viewer’s visualization experience. Increasingly, Government agencies are seeking to improve customer service, to enhance their visitors experience.

In other areas, advancements in technology and service delivery systems have improved; this has correspondingly led to higher public expectation from Government&Councils services.

Benefits and opportunities:

   Increased brand attractiveness
   Possibility to create interactive information area for customers and employees
   Possibility to demonstrate the advantages of the car in a dynamic attractive manner, without leaving the dealership.