Technical FAQ

How to connect the network matrix with the control computer?

After Switch connection between the control computer and the matrix, change the control computer IP to the same network segment with matrix IP, and then the IP address of the software search matrix is opened

Why can’t I enter the main menu?

Firstly, check whether the mouse is connected to the USB port of the matrix, and then check whether it is logged in to the device.

How to splice?

After select the screen to be spliced by software, drag the device IP into the chosen splicing screen.

How to judge quickly whether the network matrix is working properly?

Check whether the indicator light of the network port at the back panel of the matrix works normally (green light is always on, and clear light is blinking).

What is standalone LCD advertising player?

A standalone LCD advertising player is an LCD display with an integral media player that holds the advertisements content files locally on a memory card. Just copy Video/music/pictures from PC into SD card/USB key, then insert it into player, it will automatically play the saved files, no need any other software and hardware.

Where standalone LCD advertising player can be used?

A standalone LCD advertising player is used for many different purposes and there is no definitive list. However, below are some of the most common applications: Airports, Cafe & Coffee shops, Cinemas, Clubs, Pubs&Casinos, Conference Centre, Education, Exhibition &Trade shows, Government, Hotels, Retail stores, Restaurants & Fast Food.

Which size of standalone LCD advertising players do you have?

Our LCD advertising players are available in: 10.1 inch /15.6 inch/18.5 inch /21.5inch/23.6 inch/27 inch/ 32 inch/43 inch /49 inch /55 inch/65 inch/ 70 inch/75 inch/86 inch/98 inch.

Which optional functions do LCD advertising players have?
  1. Motion sensor function;
  2. Touch screen function;
  3. High brightness functions;
  4. Scanner functions.
What is the function of USB update?

You can upgrade contents of the memory card (or built-in memory) by simply inserting an USB flash drive loaded with new content,no need to take out the memory card of the player. Player will automatically start playing after upgrade.

How does the Motion sensor work?

It has two options for Motion sensor function:

  1. Power on/off.The advertising player will start playing after the IR body sensor detects an approaching viewer. It will go into standby mode once the moving object leaves;
  2. Sound on/off.The advertising player will keep playing Video all the time but without sound, the sound of player will be activated when the IR body sensor detects an approaching viewer.

Motion Sensor functions could save power, get more attention from customers and controll solves sound problem in shopping mall and offline shops.

How to contact you if you are not online?

If we are not online, please send us email, call us via Skype/Whatsapp, Wechat, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Can you upload our content to SD cards before shipment?

Yes. After we receive video from your side, our engineer will test the file and upload them to SD cards. Then we take aging test for player together with these videos, then you can simply plug and play after you receive the players.

Can it turn the screen on and off automatically?

Yes, it has timer on/off functions, you could set up the turn on/off 5 groups every day, such as 8:00-9:00; 10:00-12:00; 1:00-2:00 …You also could play the specified files at the specified time.

What kinds of content can I show on my digital signage?

All of our software let you create beautiful content within the application or leverage existing media and skill set by importing popular file formats such as:

  • Text and graphics
  • Video and Flash with audio.
  • PowerPoint
  • Event schedules
  • Weather, news and stock update
  • Alert notifications
  • Web pages
  • Polls, surveys and contests
  • Cable feeds and streaming
  • Social media and other RSS feeds, etc,..
Does your digital signage have WIFI/3G/4G function to update the content remotely?

Yes, Chestnuter Android digital signage has network function with LAN/WIFI/3G/4G, you just insert 3G/4G SIM card into the slot, then use 3G/4G network to remotely control the display.

Can your network digital signage be used on the bus or car?

Yes, we design professional bus type Android network digital signage from 15 inch to 32 inch with below features:

  1. 9-36V for bus use.
  2. Ceiling mount/Handrail mount bracket options.
  3. Support WIFI/3G/4G/GPS Functions.
  4. Shockproof design.


Could you use one PC server to control hundreds of digital signage in different places at the same time?

Yes, You could use our CMS software on one PC to control many digital signage in different places with the same content or different contents.

We already had a media player box, could we only buy LCD Monitor with HDMI from Chestnuter?

Yes, We also provide all kinds of LCD Monitor with VGA//HDMI Input from 10 inch to 98 inch, welcome your inquiry.

What kind of power supply of Chestnuter’s products use?

Chestnuter uses external quality /safety CE, FCC, UL, ROSH approved power adaptor for 10.1 – 23.6 inch advertising player before delivery. For 27 inch or larger screen size, there are built-in power board, and use power from AC directly.

What kinds of test you will do before shipment?

All Chestnuter products are undertaken at least 48 hours aging test (including power adaptor and memory card), then start 100% inspection, and last QC inspection before shipment.

I don’t see exactly what I need. Do you provide customization?

Yes! We offer a wide array of customization for all our products, far too much to details on our website. If you don’t see exactly what you want, contact our Pre- Sales Team. We are pleased to help with any request and give you some advices.

Our company is interested in being a distributor, how is Chestnuter distribution policy?

Chestnuter is looking for distributors in a world wide range. To avoid fierce competition and protect Chestnuter distributor’s benefits, we only recruit one distributor in each country. With the exclusive distribution, Chestnuter’s distributor can recruit its second distributor at its own discipline, we will forward all requests from that region to the exclusive distributor. We will also cooperate in finance and samples in regional marketing for online B2C and offline exhibition.