Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer and Temperature Measurement Kiosk

Advertising is a form of paid communication used to convince or influence the recipient of the infor-mation (viewers, listeners, readers) to change the perception or actions of the audience. The advertising industry is on a fast-paced development, having only appeared in the past 10 years, but the type of ad-vertising through screens shows the rapid development and spreading extremely positive effects.

Digital out-of-home (OOH) advertisement refers to a dynamic communication medium displayed on digi-tal signage. These advertisements are generally installed at airports, railway stations, bus shelters, medi-cal waiting rooms, shopping malls, retail stores, movie theatres, and on major roadways. With the grow-ing internet penetration, advertisers are using virtual screens, projectors, motion graphics and video con-tent for targeting specific demographics. This has led to the expansion of digital and internet-based ad-vertising platforms across the globe. As a result, these ads are increasingly being adopted by manufactur-ers to promote their products in the market.

While online advertising has just emerged in 2014, it is clear that the rate of decline when the number of users using the ad blocking feature is increasing, the ads on the screen are absolutely not causing any ob-jection or trouble. According to the DPAA (Digital Placed Advertising Association), in 2019, up to 62% of the OOH advertising uses digital signage. According Global Digital OOH Market Report 2019, the global digital OOH market is expected to grow at 11% during 2019-2024.

Additionally, the cost of digital advertisements has also declined over the past few years. In recent years, advancements in technology, such as improved IoT connectivity, near field communication, artificial intel-ligence (AI), and beacons, have encouraged creativity in the DOOH industry. Advertisers can now focus on developing screens that deliver contextually relevant, intelligent and real-time content. With the devel-opment of infrastructure and a growing number of shopping complexes and malls, there has been a rise in the number of people who spend time outdoors.

The Advantages of Digital Signage comparing with Traditional:

Cost effective, dynamic and flexible: Digital Signage is all about digital displays, which means, multiple ads can be rotated within the physical confines of a single space or banner. This not only optimizes reve-nue for the owner of the media unit, but also helps marketers save on expensive print costs and share media costs with multiple advertisers. Perhaps more importantly though, the ability to change creatives dynamically based on everything from outdoor weather conditions to flight arrivals is a huge advantage that Digital Signage brings. This offers a whole new level of flexibility to advertisers when it comes to dy-namic creative display and personalization. Because real-time-bidding for Digital Signage media happens programmatically, media buying can be centralized even for media units spread far and wide geograph-ically, adding to the cost and operational efficiencies of Digital Signagre. Last but not the least, the fact that a single media unit is seen by multiple audiences at the same time leads to what is called as the ‘impressions multiplier’ effect.
Increases brand recall: 80% of people who view an Digital Signage remember the message, so it’s an effective format if you’re looking for them to stay with you.

It’s new and daring: Digital signage is a spectacular format that is still perceived as something new, even though it has been used for years. That’s why it’s a fantastic tool for brands looking to stand out from the competition by being cutting edge, being up to date and being daring.

Take advantage of synergies at the point of sale: As marketers well know, not all purchasing decisions are rational and many of them are made at the last minute. That’s why influencing the consumer at the point of sale can be key to getting them to choose your brand. Thanks to dynamic digital advertising at the point of sale, we can reach consumers right at the critical moment of the decision.

Get consumer’s attention: Compared to conventional outdoor advertising, digital signage has the ability to surprise the user and capture their attention. So much so, that people spend up to 60% more time looking at a digital display than a conventional ad.

Improves the user experience at the point of sale: What better way to liven up a line than by interact-ing with interactive content? Digital signage can create unique experiences and make the user associate positive memories with branding.
It’s interactive: One of the key advantages of digital versus conventional signage is that it allows the user to establish a dialogue with it. This not only increases engagement and recall, but can give us valuable information about how users relate to the brand.

Leveraging true rich media: digitization of displays has resulted in more engaging video ad format- that tells a better story than just image banners, as is the case with traditional outdoor media placements. It is well-known that video ads greatly outperform static / print image ads, especially when it comes to grab-bing attention of passing crowd. Afterall, unlike online inbound marketing, where a consumer already has an intent to purchase and they discover you as a result, in outdoor media, the main gameplay is the bet that while consumers may not be actively looking for the product / service, they will pay attention if the ad is engaging and interesting enough. This lends itself well to the powerful combination of locational advertising and impulse purchasing behavior.

The contents can be modified in real-time and adapted to different audiences and situations: Tradi-tional outdoor advertising does not leave much room for modifications, as X spaces are usually contracted for a certain time and the message cannot be changed. On the other hand, with digital signage, the ad-vertiser has the power to modify the contents in real time. For example, you can display screens with constantly updated information, or content that changes depending on the time of day. And of course, this option allows you to react quickly and adapt your message to optimize the contents based on the results. Being connected to the internet – these kiosks provide live ad impressions data to their demand-side platform’s dashboard for marketers to monitor in real-time.

Better Return on Investment: The complete elimination of ad printing requirements, low labour cost, coupled with stronger metrics and data on ad performance and associated dashboards – marketers free up resources, while having the right information to optimize their advertising plans and deliver ever more seamless brand experiences and interactions, both online and offline. This in turn leads to significantly higher return-on-investment (ROI) margins on overall advertising budget, more so in outdoor ad budget.

The Covid-19 is affecting to most of the countries, health and personal hygiene in public places is very necessary. For example, you want to wash your hands or testing body temperature in the most conven-ient way in public places at airports, railway stations, bus shelters, health lounges, shopping malls, retail stores, cinemas… This series of Hand Sanitizer and Body Temperature Testing kiosks are the perfect solu-tion for high-traffic public locations such as medical clinics, malls, commercial buildings, insurance com-panies, and retail settings. This series of Hand Sanitizer and Body Temperature Testing kiosks are the per-fect solution for high-traffic public locations such as medical clinics, malls, commercial buildings, insur-ance companies, and retail settings. From killing bacteria, body temperature measurement to being able to reach your audience with targeted messages better, the digital hand sanitizer kiosks offer organiza-tions an all-in-one solution for getting their messages seen.

What do you need to create a product that meets all the criteria to bring that advantage?

  • Display manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics and display companies
  • Raw material and manufacturing equipment suppliers
  • Semiconductor component vendors
  • Content developers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) (end-user application or electronic product Manufac-turers)
  • ODM and OEM technology solution providers
  • Distributors and retailers
  • Research and consulting organization
  • Technology Standards Organizations, forums, alliances, and associations
  • Solution to personal hygiene in public places during the epidemic of COVID-19

No, all you need is Solution from Chestnuter

After years, Chestnuter’s team has extensive experience across the procurement industry specifically in the sourcing and design of digital signage. Floor Standing/Wall Mount Digital Signage Advertising Play-ers with Automatic Hand Sanitizer and Body Temperature Measurement is one of our most outstand-ing products.

With beautiful design and high premium materials such as metal and glass, our product looked impressive and gained attention even before showing content on the screen. Modularization design help for saves space, it can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall with just a few minutes. Widescreen with touch control (optional), easy to clean with high premium protective glass.

Welcome to the world of Online content, our product integrated Android OS and content management system (CMS) to help set up advertising content displayed instantly and flexibly, that support update, dis-play contents remotely from anywhere in the world. Flexible data connection with Wi-Fi and 4G mobile network, that make updating and changing advertising strategies very easy.

Signage Display with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser come equipped with an internal auto-dispenser that dis-penses gel, foam or liquid sanitizer, and feature a sturdy metal enclosing that is designed to withstand public settings. Suitable for use in public places such as airport, hospital, school, shopping mall and other public area. Built-in the automatic dispenser can dispense the hand sanitizer or liquid hand soap without touch to avoid any cross-infection.

Signage Display with Body Temperature Measurement, when the passenger conducts hand recognition, the human body surface temperature can be measured by thermal imaging. The whole body recognition measurement process is non-contact experience, and is accurate, reliable, efficient and perception-free. If the temperature of the detected person exceeds a certain threshold, the signal light of the terminal will send out an abnormal warning and carry out a voice warning.

Chestnuter 21.5 inch LCD Floor Standing/Wall Mount Digital Signage Advertising Players with Auto-matic Hand Sanitizer and Body Temperature Measurement enable a wide variety of applications for countless businesses and industries. They can be installed in practically any location or public venue, such as restaurants, retail, museums, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, universities and corporate campuses.

In retail, shopping mall, digital signage can give retailers’ business an edge over the competition – and that makes a big difference to their bottom line.

In restaurant, digital display can create mouth-watering visual effect, heighten order accuracy and de-crease wait times.
In corporation, digital signage ensures corporation will get all eyes and ears on its communications, so corporation can ensure that all staff meet company goals.

In Hospital, It allows hospitilities to inform guests about your facilities and other related matters; adver-tise their deals and discounted packages.

Main Advantage:

  • Outer shell is made by high-class metal material, black or silver color etc, back-fixing mode with nice appearance. Outer shell color can be customized.
  • With a protection layer of ultrathin, high light, perfectly clear tempered glass on the surface of the LED screen to protect the screen being damaged.
  • Choosing Samsung, LG, AU, etc. LCD panels. A Class 335 standard, full new and factory original packing screen.
  • Support software updating, new function can be customized according to customer’s needs. Sup-ports WiFi and 3/4G connection to remote control.
  • Signage Display with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser come equipped with an internal auto-dispenser.
  • Temperature detection: using infrared thermal imaging technology
  • High temperature alert: when the temperature is over 37.3, the equipment automatically alarms

Compare with similar products:

Function Items Chestnuter Technology Other Typical Product
Height Adjustment/Wall Mount Supported yes yes
Lack of Hand Sanitizer Satus Detection yes yes
Body Temperature Testing yes no
Spray,Soap/Gel,Foam Supported yes only 1
CMS Software Provide yes No/only memory-card support
Advertising CMS yes no
Bightness 300nit-1000nit/High contrast 300nit-700nit
Body Temperature Testing yes no
Multi-Language Body Temperature Display on Screen yes no
Multi-Language Body Temperature Voice Speech yes no
Screen Promption of Hand Sanitizer Is Running Out yes no
CMS, Body Temerature Testing& Hand Sanitizer All in One yes no
Indicatior Light yes unknown
Automatic dispenser for washing hands yes unknown

Flexible movement Display, increasing the number of potential customers: The actual survey showed that up to 96% of the respondents confirmed that they were attracted to advertising content with flexi-ble moving elements than traditional Digital. With high quality Display, our product can display the imag-es with true colors, super sharp, vivid videos always attract people, which helps the image of lobby prod-ucts and brands of businesses to be known, increasing the number of potential customers.

Easily adjust content, manage information through the network: With Multi-connection solution, our product support update contents remotely from one location to other locations with extended features. All setting and contents upgrade can be done by any internet-connected PC from anywhere in the world.

High durable, Power saving, environmentally friendly : build-in with high premium materials such as metal and glass, feature a sturdy metal enclosing that is designed to withstand public settings.

Easily choose and change the installation location: Modern and minimalist design help for saves space, it can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall, easy to move from location to other locations.

Low cost – High efficiency: With Multi-Interactive solution, our products can display ads of many brands, products and services, helping to save advertising costs and reduce marketing expenses. Your ads will be displayed extremely effectively, causing instant effects and contributing a great part in positioning and branding for business.

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