Revolutionizing Advertising with Digital Signage Advertising Player

The advent of technology and progress of Information and Communication has revolutionized the future of advertising. With sophisticated LCDs and LEDs trending in the market, digital signage advertising players have taken the advertising industry by the storm. Many public spaces such as amall, beaches, lounges, and other tourist spots are now resorting to digital signage advertising players to ensure dynamic and cost-effective advertising solutions that generate higher revenues. Shenzhen ChestnuterTechnologies Limited take pride in offering high-enddigital signage advertising players with cutting edge technology that stands out in the market.

What are Digital Signage Advertising Players?

In simple words, digital signage is a visual display technology. Digital signage makes use of hardwares such as LEDs, LCDs and projection technologies to display any kind of visual images or texts, play or stream videos, webpages, infographics, etc. from a remote location. A network of digital signatory advertising players can be controlled centrally while giving the ability to cater to each digital signage player individually for information relaying. They are commonly placed in places such as corporate headquarters, shopping malls, cinema houses, museums, parks, restaurants, stadiums, airports, transport systems, convention centers, etc. They can be used for multiple purposes such as relaying information, weather forecasts, wayfinding, exhibitions, and marketing.
Digital Signage Advertising Playersare specifically used for the marketing purpose. It uses the technology to run advertisements, product-related videos, fashion shoots and other visual promotional material that might attract the customer attention. What makes these playersan effective and dynamic advertising medium, unlike conventional outdoor advertising options, is the fact that it offers more visual appeal, given the sophisticated pixels, motion, and color. Moreover, it has more ability to attract the customers while relaying a higher volume of information than what is possible in other conventional outdoor promotion options. While digital signage advertising players can be a slightly more expensive investment compared to conventional advertising options, given the leads it can possibly generate and the amount of information it can relay makes it much more cost-effective in the long run.

What Makes ShenzhenChestnuter Stand Out?

Shenzhen Chestnuter deals in digital signage solutions including offering high-end hardware products. It is your one-stop solution for all your digital signage needs. At Shenzhen Chestnuter we believe in empowering your dream by enlightening our screen. We believe that our state of the art technology can revolutionize how you advertise your product and can help you achieve your business targets along with exponential growth. Shenzhen Chestnuter provides both Original Design Manufacturing and Original Equipment Manufacturing facilities. We cater to a variety of resellers, software developers, technology businessmen, and advertising agencies.
While we do not claim to offer the lowest prices, we assure you that the quality of our products and service will not fail to satisfy our customers. With our cutting-edge digital signage technology hardware and integrated operating system solutions, we assure that every penny will be worth the investment and the returns it will generate will justify the price. Moreover, our expert digital signage consultants can advise you and help you devise a strategy regarding placement and utility of your digital signage player in order to be able to generate maximum results. Our compact hardware design and user-friendly interface make our digital signage players one of the top choices of the customers. Our circuit is designed to work on lesser voltages thereby saving up on energy costs. The strategic integration of our products can help you achieve upto 200% growth in a short span of time.

Why You Should Buy Our Products

We enjoy a clientele of thousands of satisfied customers that have purchased our individualdigital signage players and a network of digital signage players, which are known for its sophisticated cloud sharing and compact size and weight. Shenzhen Chestnuter offers both wall mounted and floor standing digital signage players and customers can choose the one that is more suited to their business needs. Our floor standing digital signage players are available in avariety of sizes from 32 inches to as large as 84 inches. These players can be integrated with advanced Android, Windows or Linux operating systems according to the business need. The high-end Samsung and LG display LEDs and LCDs ensure an unmatched user experience with the sharp graphics and unparalleled visual appeal. Some of our digital signage players are interactive and come with interactive remotes. These are ideal to be placed in shopping malls or large public places. The hardware uses dustproof and shockproof technology to make the devices last longer.
Our players come with a variety of connectivity options including LAN and wifi adding to more convenience. The circuit is a cutting-edge, powerful semiconductor chip with an 8 GB quad-core processor that speeds up operations and justifies the investment with the reduction in various hardware, storage, and operational costs. Some of our floors standing digital signage players also come with 360 degree rotating LCDs that enhance the effectiveness of the players. All our devices have anti-theft systems installed. The double alarm system makes the device safe and secure and protects it from being stolen. We understand the need of convenience required with these high-endinvestments, and therefore all our devices are designed to ensure smooth assembling, disassembling, installation and maintenance. Our digital signage players are also available in wall-mounted models. We also offer ancillary components that can be attached to the devices such as printers, cameras, scanners and barcode readers, card readers, payment devices and biometric devices, which help speed up a lot of processes thereby bringing in greater operational efficiency.

Get In Touch with Shenzhen Chestnuter

Our team at Shenzhen Chestnuter is known for its smooth and prompt customer service and after-sales services. Our customer service representatives are available to answer your queries 24/7. Our expert consultants are available to guide you which digital signage player is ideal to suit your needs and can guide you regarding how you can use your product effectivelyto maximum advantage. In order to get in touch with us, feel free to write to us at

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